Hangalaxy Participates in Beijing InfoComm of 2019

February 7, 2013
Latest company news about Hangalaxy Participates in Beijing InfoComm of 2019

At Hangalaxy Booth No.ED3-01, M306A, MA18-01, in Beijing Infocomm Exhibition July 17-19, 2019 in Beijing National Convention Center, Hangalaxy Brand of USB3.0 and HDMI AOC Fiber Cables present an opportunity to experience all aspects of wonderful immersive interactive space 3D Ultra HD Audiovisual enjoyment.In every booth,there are Crowded of visitors who are being attracted by the radical changing of splendid illusion of light and shadow. The scene is spectacular with the thump of praise and the click of photos on mobile phones.


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With the progressing of science technology and the improvement of people's aesthetic perception, the art of light and shadow has been more and more applied to the daily life of the public. Using high-tech such as UHD projection, surround sound, VR, 5D,etc to create an immersive interactive space of light and shadow art, sometimes elegant, abstract and random, a scene of light and shadow of the intersection, delighted the soul of aesthetics, so that audience interaction can actually experience the wonderful multi-dimensional world.


In addition to the necessary ultra-high definition hardware interactive equipment, somatosensory interactive system software and 3D digital content, many people may not think that hundreds of square meters of interactive space also need to be equipped with equivalent optical fiber transmission cables, so as to ensure the charming color and natural mellow tone of high fidelity. The audience enjoyed it in 360 degrees.