Project on Yangshao Culture Museum

October 26, 2022
Latest company news about Project on Yangshao Culture Museum

Yangshao Culture Museum is a gorgeous business card in the successful case of Hangalaxy brand 4K 8K optical fiber cable and USB3.0 high-speed data optical fiber cable in 2021. It is also another large-scale success of Hangalaxy in the comprehensive museum project cases.


In addition to Yangshao Culture Museum, Hangalaxy has also successfully completed museums such as Shenzhen Contemporary Art and Urban Planning Museum, Haihua Island Museum, Guangzhou International Unit Migrant Workers Museum, Shenzhen Fiyta Museum, Shenzhen Low-Carbon City Museum] and other museums project. A set of 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition video and audio optical fiber cables and USB3.0 high-speed data optical fiber cables are used to connect the modern atmosphere and development opportunities of major museums, so that traditional museums can embrace the future with high-tech savageness.


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Yangshao Culture Museum is located in the National Archaeological Site - Yangshao Village Reserve, Mianchi County, Henan Province. It is the world's first Yangshao Culture Museum and a national 4A-level tourist attraction.


The Yangshao Culture is about 5,000 to 7,000 years ago. It is a type of painted pottery culture in the Neolithic Age in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in China. It was first discovered in Yangshao Village in 1921 and was praised by archaeologists as representing the first wave of prehistoric art. The pinnacle of art. The Yangshao Culture is also the first archaeological culture to be discovered and named in China, and plays an important role in both archaeological research and archaeological history.


The Hangalaxy brand is responsible for the optical fiber transmission of ultra-high-definition information in the Yangshao Cultural Museum project in China. Using USB3.0 and 4K 8K long-distance transmission technology, it helps ultra-high-definition images to perfectly display the prehistoric civilization of Yangshao culture. Standing next to the cultural relics that have been accumulated for thousands of years at the archaeological site, you can touch the strong shock in your heart, and you can experience the rich farming life of the ancestors of the Central Plains and the heart-warming development of the Chinese civilization.


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