The 8K Era and the Appplication in AV System

September 28, 2020
Latest company news about The 8K Era and the Appplication in AV System

The 8K era, the application of optical technology in AV systems


Hangalaxy started from the research and development of passive silicon-based chips for optical communication, and is a professional equipment manufacturer for long-distance transmission of ultra-high-definition signals. Since the beginning of 2014, the first in the audio and video market to launch a highly integrated transmission system such as HDMI/DVI/DP/USB, etc. It is the most professional, efficient and stable solution currently on the market for high-bandwidth, ultra-high-definition signals over 10 meters. Interconnection solutions. It is reported that Hangalaxy has completed 6,326 related cases nationwide. Such as Guizhou Qiannan Kedu Radio (the world’s largest observatory), the Shenzhen branch of the Spring Festival Gala, Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center Building, Shanghai Tower, Shenzhen Chunsun, DJI Innovation, Tsinghua University Graduate School, Zhongxing and many other enterprises and institutions, All the equipment of Hangalaxy Technology participated in the construction.


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In recent years, with the rapid development of film and television technology, it has brought clearer and higher-definition video experience, from the previous 360P and 480P to the later 720P and 1080P. To the present 2K, 4K, and even 8K. With the expansion of high-definition video, the transmission medium has also undergone a huge shift, from DVI transmission line to VGA video line, and then to HDMI high-definition line. It can be said. Each generation of video transmission lines is a major advance in human history, and it is also a product created to adapt to the rapid development of society. Hangalaxy has been committed to creatively introducing advanced transmission technology and transmission media in the field of optical communications to the audio and video industry, professionally solving the problem of long-distance transmission of high-bandwidth, ultra-high-definition signals, and has been highly recognized by many industry users.


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